Maize Hirono Says Democrats Need To Tell Voters Who’s Screwing Them Over

Democrats have largely refused to take the bait, but Sen. Maize Hirono said that it is her strategy to communicate to voters who is screwing them over.

Sen. Hirono (D-HI) told reporters:

Sen. Hirono offered any Democratic candidate some great advice. It is great to accomplish things and tell the voters what you have done for them, but if there has been one thing missing in all of the 2021 campaigns it is a message of what Republicans plan to do if they are restored to power.

For instance, voters can expect Republicans to undo and gut universal pre-k, the child tax credit, and the agreement to lower prescription drug prices. Instead of focusing on what happened in Virginia, Democrats should be telling voters who is out to screw them over.

With a year to go until the midterms, it is time for Democrats to go on offense.