Incoming Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Comments Show Why New Grand Jury Might Mean Big Trouble For Trump

Incoming Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg absolutely believes that the former president can be indicted, which is bad news for Trump as a second grand jury is convened.

The Washington Post reported:

One person familiar with the matter said the second grand jury was expected to examine how former president Donald Trump’s company valued its assets. The people familiar spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private legal proceedings.

That appears to be a separate issue from the one described in indictments from the first grand jury, which has dealt with allegations that Weisselberg and other Trump executives evaded taxes on their pay by systematically hiding some of their compensation from the IRS. Both Weisselberg and the two companies have pleaded not guilty.

Incoming Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg believes that Trump can be indicted:

The second grand jury is going to be meeting three days a week for six months to hear evidence, which means that Trump could be indicted by this grand jury until April of 2022.

The valuation of assets evidence is going to be much stronger against Trump because the former president signed the loan documents and the tax forms.

Donald Trump has been able to beat the rap for decades, but one senses that his time may soon run out.