Pelosi Turns Up The Heat On The Senate To Pass Infrastructure

The House has been given a new sense of urgency after a rough election night and moving quickly to get infrastructure passed.

Pelosi Is Sick Of Waiting For The Senate

According to the Punchbowl News AM Newsletter:

But over the last few weeks, Pelosi was reminded that the Senate is not only the “world’s greatest deliberative body,” but it’s the world’s slowest, most torturous, and illogical body. Pelosi decided in recent days that she can’t wait for the Senate anymore, and the only way to pressure Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s senators is to actually present them with a bill that they have to make a decision on. 

And far from dissuading the House’s aggressive legislative push, Tuesday’s poor election showing in Virginia and across the country seemed to give the House majority a new impetus to get this done quickly.  

The Pressure Is Now On Senate Democrats To Get It Done

By the weekend at the latest, the House will have passed both infrastructure bills. All of the pressure will be on the dithering Senate to get this done. The out of touch with reality endless negotiations need to stop. Joe Manchin needs to decide whether or not he is going to kill Biden’s entire agenda. Everything that Manchin has said suggests that he won’t, but he may need the pressure of a forced decision to get him to move.

Speaker Pelosi has had enough. Majority Leader Schumer needs this done so that he can move on to voting rights. Without the slog of infrastructure, voting rights could have been the focus of the Senate over the last two months.

Pelosi is putting the heat on Senate Democrats, as it is time to deliver Biden’s agenda for the American people.