Rudy Giuliani Could Be Going To Jail For His Hunter Biden Ukraine Investigation

Prosecutors have found evidence of criminal activity committed by Rudy Giuliani in his Hunter Biden Ukraine investigation.

Rudy Giuliani Had A Criminal Scheme In Place To Get Ukraine To Investigate Joe And Hunter Biden

According to The Guardian:

Federal prosecutors in the southern district in New York have compiled a list of more than two dozen specific acts by Giuliani, Toesning and DiGenova as to how to advance the personal and political interests of a group of Ukrainian prosecutors and political factions in Ukraine with which they were aligned, the Guardian has learned.

Prosecutors consider each one of those acts to be crucial evidence of a potential violation of law, according to sources close to the investigation.

In a previously undisclosed episode, the Guardian has learned that federal investigators have uncovered extensive, detailed plans devised by one Ukrainian prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko, and approved by Giuliani, by which they would announce and promote an investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter, in Ukraine, to help boost Trump’s chances of re-election.

The Plan Fell Apart When Ukraine Elected Zelensky President

Trump’s reelection plan was falling apart, and he needed to get it back on track fast, so he made his infamous call to Zelensky threatening to withhold US aid to Ukraine unless they investigated Biden.

The phone call led to Trump’s first impeachment, which led to investigators looking at Rudy Giuliani in New York.

The Ukraine plot got Donald Trump impeached and may get Rudy Giuliani sent to prison.

Trump’s coup plot has dwarfed the earlier scandal, but the point is that the former president never intended to win a fair election. He was going to run the same playbook as 2016, but instead of Russia, it would be Ukraine that would help him smear and attack his opponent.

One presidential election in Ukraine changed everything and set Trump on a course to losing reelection, and Rudy Giuliani on a path to prison.