Trump Insurrectionist Who Said Her Whiteness Would Keep Her Out Of Jail Gets 2 Months In Prison

A federal judge didn’t agree with Jenna Ryan’s jail is not for blond white people defense as he sent her to prison for her role in the insurrection.

White Blond Insurrectionists Can Be Sent To Prison

Via: The Washington Post:

“For better or worse, you’ve become one of the faces of January 6,” U.S. District Judge Christopher R. Cooper of D.C. told Jenna Ryan, 50. She gained national attention by defending her conduct at the Capitol in media interviews and on Twitter. Because of that notoriety, Cooper said, people would look to her sentence as evidence of “how our country responded to what happened.”

In sentencing Ryan to 60 days in jail, he cited her apparent lack of remorse for her conduct, as well as her decision to join the mob, not directly from President Donald Trump’s rally that morning but after going back to her hotel and seeing television footage of a mob besieging the Capitol.

Jenna Ryan Is The Face Of Trump White Entitlement

Ryan set herself up to be made an example of by both being unrepentant for her actions, and so entitled that she believed that she would not be sent to prison as if the law is for other poorer non-white people, not her.

Jenna Ryan is the face of Trump entitlement, and just like other domestic terrorists, she deserves to be behind bars.