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Biden Adviser Blasts Kevin McCarthy For Pushing Build Back Better Disinformation

Senior Biden adviser Cedric Richmond said that Kevin McCarthy was not telling the truth about Build Back Better and was wrong as usual.

Video of Richmond:

Richmond said on Fox News Sunday:

I think the leader is wrong, as a usual. The bill that he’s talking about is the bill that Republicans continue to describe which is continuing disinformation. What we would raise in terms of revenue is around $2.1 trillion. We are paying for every penny of this bill and we are going to cut taxes for the working family. If you take the child tax credit with the overwhelming majority of families who have children will get a tax cut, that’s important. 

We are going to do that by asking corporations and the wealthy to pay a little bit more. We are proud of that and we see behind it. The Penn school analysis is analyzing and projecting on a bill that is not the Build  Back Better bill. 

Kevin McCarthy and the right can’t call Build Back Better  (BBB) socialism if it is paid for and deficit friendly, so they have taken to talking about a different bill that doesn’t exist in an effort to smear BBB with misinformation.

Minority Leader McCarthy was embarrassed when 13 of House Republicans crossed over and voted with Democrats to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. McCarthy has no control over the House Republican caucus.

He is lying and spreading disinformation about BBB

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