1/6 Committee Drops The Subpoena Hammer On John Eastman, Mike Flynn, And Trump’s Campaign Manager

The 1/6 Committee has subpoenaed six non-governmental advisers to Trump including Mike Flynn, John Eastman, and the Trump 2020 campaign manager.

1/6 Committee Chairman Rep.  Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said in a statement:

In the days before the January 6th attack, the former President’s closest allies and advisors drove a campaign of misinformation about the election and planned ways to stop the count of Electoral College votes. The Select Committee needs to know every detail about their efforts to overturn the election, including who they were talking to in the White House and in Congress, what connections they had with rallies that escalated into a riot, and who paid for it all.

The Select Committee expects all witnesses to cooperate with our investigation as we work to get answers for the American people, recommend changes to our laws that will strengthen our democracy, and help ensure nothing like January 6th ever happens again.

None Of The 6 Trump Advisers Subpoenaed Worked For The Government On 1/6

It is important that each of the people who were subpoenaed were not government officials on 1/6, so Trump and his co-conspirators can make no claim of executive privilege that will hold up in court.

The 1/6 Committee is connecting the dots and drawing a line from the Trump campaign to the Willard Hotel war room to the White House. These witnesses, if they have the financial means will refuse to comply and then fight any criminal contempt referrals in court.

It is vital that the DOJ prosecute Bannon because the 1/6 Committee is starting to subpoena witnesses with direct knowledge of the coup plot, and those witnesses must be compelled to talk.