CNN’s Jim Acosta Tells Republicans To Stop The Squeal

CNN’s Jim Acosta had a message for Republicans. You won, Virginia. The election wasn’t stolen, so stop whining and squealing.


Acosta said:

Our democracy is in big trouble if only one of our two major political parties accepts the election results when they win. The pundits in Washington have been furiously slicing and dicing last week’s election results in search of some larger meaning behind Youngkin’s victory.

The one lesson that sticks with me is that our system of government, while far from perfect, worked pretty well last week, despite what happened back in January. Perhaps some in the Maga movement and on fox can now have a little more faith in their fellow Americans and in our democracy. There’s been a lot of complaining about wokeness this past week. I’ve been more worried about repairing the brokenness of our republic. Enough with this stop the steal nonsense. If you win, great. If you lose, please move on. No more whining, no more sore losers, no more lies. Just stop the squeal.

The System Works, But Republicans Aren’t Accepting Defeat

The elections nearly a week ago demonstrate that when left alone and where people are given ample access to the ballot, the US election system works.

Republicans are attempting to undermine the election system by creating a perception that the only legitimate elections are the ones that they win.

The perception is a threat to democracy.

Republicans do need to stop whining, but the undermining of democracy will continue until Donald Trump and his minions are soundly defeated and removed from the political stage.