Cracks In The Fox News Front: Steve Doocy Winces as Brian Kilmeade Rants Against the “Woke” In Aaron Rogers Scandal

If one ever wants to peer through the solid wall of agreement that the MAGA-Right enjoys presenting to the world, one needs only to watch the reactions on Fox and Friends between Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade during some of each others’ rants. It happened this morning when Kilmeade used the Aaron Rodgers controversy as the premise to attack what Kilmeade calls the “woke” crowd and did so while being alarmingly wrong on the facts.

Rodgers is the Packers’ star quarterback who lied about his immunization status, saying that he got the jab over the summer. Then, after contracting COVID 19, Rodgers eschewed an NFL star’s access to the most elite medical care on earth and opted instead for the homeopathic route espoused by podcast star and comedian Joe Rogan.

Rodgers has been roundly and rightly criticized by the NFL community and the country in general, to say nothing of Packer fans who have lost the service of their quarterback for an indeterminate amount of time. But Kilmeade was there to defend the indefensible, and did so by pulling off the trifecta, being factually incomprehensible:

“Aaron Rogers is the latest one with this woke crowd. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback arguably in the NFL. Now, because he got immunized instead of getting the vaccine and it’s controversial, everybody has turned on Aaron Rodgers, the darling of mainstream media.”

Immunized instead of vaccinated? One could see Doocy wince in pain that we can only imagine, perhaps wanting to crawl behind that famous couch.

As entertaining as it might be to see the MAGiest of the “Friends” make a fool of himself, the rant is perhaps more dangerous than a segment one might expect to see on Tucker Carlson’s show.

“Immunity” comes through vaccination or by contracting the disease and battling it off. Science is still determining how long each period of immunity might last. Kilmeade is referring to “treatment,” whether preventive or acute, not immunity. The distinction is not sophisticated and most people can readily tell the difference. “Most,” however, is not “all,” and it is important to get right.

It is important enough that one wonders how many lives have needlessly been lost directly due to Fox News relaying misinformation. No one will ever know. But one can be certain that the number is – again – needless, and high.

Today, was just another example of why.