Kevin McCarthy Just Tried To Threaten Corporations And It Went Very Wrong

House Minority Kevin McCarthy reacted to a story about corporations giving Republicans more money by threatening his own donors.

McCarthy tweeted:

McCarthy was essentially telling corporations that if they give House Republicans money, they will use that money to win back the majority, and then punish them.

The media, donors, and political institutions keep treating Republicans like they are a normal political party, but this sort of comment illustrates why they are not.

Besides the fact that McCarthy is telling corporations to save themselves by donating to Democrats, he is also making it clear that Republicans while still being the party of corporations, are also the party of Trump, and in the party of Trump, any slight, real or imagined, results in punishment.

Corporations are supporting insurrectionists and coup plotters when they donate to House Republicans. They aren’t buying what they think they are buying. These aren’t the pro-business, anti-regulation Republicans of yesteryear.

Big business is donating to mini-Trumps whose goal is to destroy the governmental system that works hand in hand to help capitalism flourish.