Kaleigh McEnany And Stephen Miller Hit With Subpoenas From 1/6 Committee

Kaleigh McEnany and Stephen Miller are among ten former Trump administration officials who have been subpoenaed by the 1/6 Committee.

Hugo Lowell of The Guardian tweeted:

The latest batch of subpoenas focuses on those who were officials in the Trump administration. While McEnany and Miller are the two most recognizable names, it is the subpoenas of the top aides for Mike Pence and Mark Meadows that should send Trump and the coup plotters reeling.

The 1/6 Committee wants to know what the key players in the White House were doing before and during the Capitol attack. As with many congressional investigations in the history of the country, some of the best information often comes from aides.

Government officials, especially those with the means to do so, will try to fight subpoenas, but not all White House aides have the finances or the access to the resources needed to carry out a subpoena battle with Congress.

McEnany and Miller are key players who have knowledge of Trump’s thinking and what was going on in the White House.  The 1/6 Committee is going to win the challenges to their subpoenas.

The Trumpers can’t hide forever. They may not even be able to hide until January of 2022.