Olivia Troye takes apart Kellyanne Conway's supply chain lie

Olivia Troye Destroys Kellyanne Conway’s Claim That There Was No Supply Chain Crisis Under Trump

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:42 pm

Former Trump administration official Olivia Troye wrecked Kellyanne Conway’s false claim that there was no supply chain crisis under Trump.

Troye tweeted above a video of Conway lying about the origins of the current supply chain crisis:

Considering that nobody in the White House knew what Kellyanne Conway’s job was, except as live-in babysitter to Trump, it is not surprising that she didn’t hear about the supply chain crisis.

The crisis started in 2020, but its initial roots go back to Trump’s failed trade war with China. After COVID swept the globe, Trump got the bright idea of trying to punish China by ripping global supply chains away from the Chinese.

Trump turned the supply chain into a giant mess, went back to Florida to go on golf hiatus, and left the incoming Biden administration, the equivalent of Michael Scott’s office carpet surprise, to fix.

Olivia Troye was correct. Kellyanne Conway was lying.

The narrative that the banished Trumpers are trying to sell is that the world was perfect, overlooking the crashed economy and the hundreds of thousands of Americans dying of COVID before Biden took office.

President Biden and his team are cleaning up Donald Trump’s messes, and of the biggest problems that the Trump White House left behind as they fled was the supply chain crisis that the Biden administration is now trying to fix.

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