Pelosi Calls For Criminal Investigation Of Paul Gosar Threat Against AOC

Speaker Pelosi is calling for a criminal law enforcement investigation into Rep. Paul Gosar’s threat of violence against AOC.

Pelosi tweeted:

Rep. Gosar was threatening a member of Congress. If a non-member of Congress posted a video like Gosar’s, they would likely be facing criminal charges for at minimum terroristic threats.

Kevin McCarthy is so scared to take any action against the domestic terrorists in his caucus that he is willfully looking the other way as the possibility that a Republican like Gosar will incite more violence grows by the day.

Speaker Pelosi is right.  The only way that the House GOP domestic terror caucus will be stopped is when people like Gosar start facing criminal charges for their behavior.

The domestic terrorists should have been cleaned out of the House after the 1/6 attack.

Because a two-thirds majority is required to expel a member, House Democrats can’t get rid of Gosar on their own.  Minority Leader McCarthy has refused to take any action against child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz, so he can be expected to follow the same course in the case of Rep. Paul Gosar R-AZ).

Law enforcement must step up and do what McCarthy won’t and investigate Rep. Paul Gosar.