New Lincoln Project Ad Praises Biden Infrastructure Win And Drives Trump Nuts

The Lincoln Project hits Trump where it hurts by reminding America of his four years of infrastructure week promising while saying Biden got it done.

Watch The Ad:

The ad says, “For four years, Donald Trump promised us infrastructure week. The so-called builder said only he could deliver on roads, bridges, and airports, but who got the job done? Joe Biden. Action, not talk. Results, not tweets. Millions of new jobs. Billions for the economy Donald Trump wrecked. Serving America instead of serving himself. Joe Biden. Building Back Better.”

Trump is already enraged that Biden was able to deliver on the infrastructure promise that he so laughably failed at.

“For the entirety of Donald Trump’s only term, we waited on ‘Infrastructure Week,’” said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen. “In his first year in office, President Biden provided the leadership necessary to deliver a once-in-a-generation investment on behalf of the American people. Build Back Better, unlike Infrastructure Week, is more than a slogan — it’s a promise.”

It is too early to predict what the 2022 election environment will be like, but one thing is clear. Republicans were counting on anger and pessimism ruling the political landscape, but if Biden keeps delivering, Republicans are going to have a much tougher path back to the congressional majority.

The Lincoln Project knows how to push all of Trump’s buttons, and in the process, they are reminding America of Biden’s success.