Even When He Wins He Loses: Trump Gets 1/6 Docs Stay But Hearing Is Fast-Tracked

Trump got a temporary stay blocking the 1/6 Committee from getting his documents, but the hearing will be held on November 30.

The Washington Post reported:

A federal appeals court on Thursday blocked the imminent release of records of former president Donald Trump’s White House calls and activities related to the January 6 Capitol attack after a lower court found that President Biden can waive his predecessor’s claim to executive privilege.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit granted a temporary injunction while it considers Trump’s request to hold off any release pending appeal, and fast-tracked oral arguments for a hearing November 30.

Trump is trying to run out the clock on the 1/6 Committee investigation, so any fast-tracking of the process is bad news for him. Trump is running into a judicial system that is taking his attempted coup and attack on the Capitol seriously.

One suspects that the courts aren’t about to allow a former president who attempted to overthrow the United States government to tie up a congressional investigation with endless delays and appeals.

The 1/6 Committee is likely to get the documents from the  National Archives. Trump’s strategy of suing to delay is not working out well so far. If he loses at the court of appeals, the failed former president’s final step will be the Supreme Court, but it isn’t easy to see why the Supreme Court would take the case or how Trump wins.