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White House Reminds America That Biden Did What Trump Couldn’t On Infrastructure

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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain reminded everyone Donald Trump talked about infrastructure, but Joe Biden did it.

Video of Ron Klain:

Klain was asked about Trump’s comments by Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word, and he answered, “He spent four years promising action on infrastructure. He was the great deal maker and 

knew how to get things done. In four years, he never passed an infrastructure bill. Never updated roads or bridges or bring the kinds of investments we needed to make sustained economic growth. President Biden did. He brought Democrats and Republicans together.”

The problem for Trump is that when 2024 rolls around, President Biden is going to have a list of accomplishments, and Trump is going to have a bunch of lies and personal grievances.


Donald Trump spent years making big promises and delivering on nothing. Biden is sparing America the promises and just delivering.

Trump is nothing more than a failed president whose time in office looks even worse when compared to the historic first year that Joe Biden has already put together and is ready to build on.

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