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Trump Is Not Taking Steve Bannon’s Surrender To Law Enforcement Well

Trump tried to blame Steve Bannon’s crimes on President Biden and claimed that law and order are harming the country.

Trump’s statement:

Everything that Trump is attempting to do to obstruct the 1/6 investigation and hide his own role in the coup plot is not working. The courts are moving quickly on his executive privilege challenge. The DOJ has indicted one of his co-conspirators.

Trump is trying to play the martyr card with Bannon, which the MAGA crowd will gobble up, but it won’t mean a thing to the rest of the country. Trying to tie Steve Bannon being criminally charged to inflation and the Afghanistan withdrawal is silly.

One wonders if Trump knows at some visceral level that the law is finally catching up to him and that it all could be over soon.

Steve Bannon’s surrender is not good. The criminal referral that is likely to come against Mark Meadows could be even worse for the failed former one-term president.

Without the presidency to protect him, Trump is facing a reckoning in multiple investigations for his actions.

If Trump’s toadies continue to be indicted, he will soon find himself to be isolated, alone, and the main target to be brought to justice.

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