Nicolle Wallace Rips The Mask Off Of Chris Christie While Comparing Fox News To Terrorists

Nicolle Wallace exposed Chris Christie’s whole book and media tour as a fraud by asking him why he didn’t write about Fox News.


Nicolle Wallace pointed out that there was nothing in Christie’s book about Fox News. Chris Christie admitted that when he watches politics in the evening, he watches Fox and then tried to say that there are conspiracy theorists on MSNBC and CNN.

Wallace called Christie out, “But you want to solve the conspiracy theories without dealing with Fox News, it’s like solving terrorism without dealing with the terrorists.”

Christie replied, “That’s your opinion  I disagree with your opinion. I think it’s irresponsible to analogize Fox News to terrorists.

Wallace said, “I was talking about root problems. You write about being a prosecutor. I want to understand what your solution is to the title of the book, it’s about truth deniers and how do we purge the truth deniers.”

Nicolle Wallace exposed Chris Christie’s con. Christie isn’t interested in getting rid of the conspiracy theorists and liars. He has no desire to go after Fox News, which is a 24/7 propaganda machine that pumps lies into the minds of millions of Republicans.

Christie is trying to appear as a moderate anti-Trump voice while believing that both sides do it when it comes to attacking America and undermining democracy.

As a former Republican, Wallace saw right through what Christie was pulling and got the real truth by asking about Fox News.