Jen Psaki Shuts Down Reporters Who Were Silent Under Trump, But Are Now Demanding Biden Press Conferences

Jen Psaki set the record straight with White House reporters who were quiet as Trump killed the press briefing but are now demanding Biden press conferences.


Psaki said to those who were complaining about the lack of a formal press conference after the North American Leaders Summit, “In the last three weeks, the President has hosted  two press conferences, three if you talk about announcing the signing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill where he took a number of questions and today he is taking questions from reporters for the 10th time this month.”

Donald Trump went almost an entire year without holding a formal press briefing. Trump had one press during his whole first year in office. Trump’s final press secretary did not hold a single press briefing. Trump would often lie to reporters by calling an event a press conference and then not taking any questions.

The press outrage is about the White House pool being deprived of a spotlight that they can use to justify their existence.

Jen Psaki set the record straight. Biden is talking to reporters and taking their questions at a clip of nearly every other day.

Where were these concerns when Trump was in office?

That’s right.  They couldn’t raise them with Trump’s final press secretary because she never held a briefing.