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Kevin McCarthy melts down on the House floor

Kevin McCarthy Has A Total House Floor Meltdown As Build Back Better To Be Voted On

In one of the worst political strategies in modern memory, Kevin McCarthy is holding the House floor in what looks like a tantrum over opposition to universal pre-k and lower prescription drug prices.

McCarthy wasn’t arguing against the Build Back Better bill. Instead, the House Minority Leader ranted about immigrants for a good hour.

As he entered his third hour, he began to tire. Soon he was rambling about Trump not winning the Nobel Prize:

Soon McCarthy was yelling random things that came into his head:

McCarthy, “Inflation, gas prices, Thanksgiving.”

It’s the perfect encapsulation of the emptiness of the 2022 Republican campaign. They’re mad. They’re yelling, and they are making absolutely zero sense.

Kevin McCarthy thinks that he is rallying the Republican troops, but the truth is, even his own Republicans stopped paying attention a couple of hours ago. McCarthy doesn’t have the charisma or the substance to pull off a stunt like this.

He’s just a little boy whose suit is too big trying to sit at the grown-up table and hoping that no one notices that he doesn’t belong.

Rep. McCarthy is holding the House floor and delaying the vote on the final passage because he doesn’t want legislation to pass that helps people.

McCarthy’s spectacle is revealing, inadequate, and sad all at the same time.



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