Nancy Pelosi Says Republicans Should Never Be Allowed Anywhere Near Power

When she was asked about potential reprisals from Republicans for censuring Gosar, Speaker Pelosi said that Republicans should never be allowed anywhere near the gavel.


Pelosi said, “Not just because of Gosar but because of our democracy which they are undermining every single day. You see, their behavior on the floor says they should not have a gavel be anywhere near them ever. We would not walk away from our responsibilities for fear of something they may do in the future.”

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Speaker Pelosi is correct. Republicans shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near power, but voters have short memories. It is possible that they could vote for the party that tanked the economy, cut taxes for the rich, and tried to kill with coronavirus.

Republicans will only be destructive if they are ever put back into power. They have no ideology and no desire to govern.  House Republicans will only inflict harm on America, and as Speaker Pelosi said, there is nothing in their behavior since Joe Biden took office that would suggest any degree of fitness to hold power.