Democrats Erupt Into Chants Of Nancy After Speaker Pelosi Delivers Build Back Better

House Democrats burst into applause and chanted Nancy in tribute to Speaker Pelosi who delivered Build Back Better.


The passage of Build Back Better is a reminder of why Nancy Pelosi is one of the greatest Speakers of the House in US history.

It seems to have already been quickly forgotten how Speaker Pelosi navigated historic legislation on both the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and Build Back Better with the slimmest of House majorities.

Donald Trump and the Republicans had much larger majorities in the first two years of the Trump administration and were able to accomplish nothing comparable to Pelosi’s latest achievement.

Speaker Pelosi also passed the CARES Act in the House, and the House has passed legislation everything from gun violence to voting rights.

The chants of Nancy were well deserved. Speaker Pelosi is one of the greatest legislators of this or any other time in US history, and the American people should be thankful to have her guiding legislation through the House of Representatives.