House Passes Build Back Better As Kevin McCarthy’s Impotent Monologue Exposes GOP

The House allowed Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to ramble on for 8 hours and 32 minutes, but still passed Build Back Better.

No Republicans voted yes, and one Democrat voted no.

Kevin McCarthy’s Impotent Rant Accomplishes Nothing

McCarthy’s stunt was one assumes supposed to turn America against lower prescription drug costs, tax cuts for families, high taxes corporations, universal pre-K, and expanded eldercare.

McCarthy accomplished none of these things. All he did was annoy everyone with an incoherent rant that had nothing to do with Build Back Better.

Leader McCarthy did expose the House Republicans for having no agenda, no purpose while running on nothing but empty anger and bigotry.

In short, they are Diet Trump.

Republicans have everything that the American people didn’t like about Trump with 100% less Trump.

Build Back Better Is Historic

Republicans once again find themselves living on the wrong side of history. Build Back Better (BBB) contains programs and innovations that once the American people get a taste of, they will love.

BBB is often compared to Obamacare, but there are some big differences. Republicans have not been able to redefine Build Back Better to make it unpopular. Democrats still need to explain it and sell it, and Christmas presents the perfect opportunity, but it should be a much easier task.

The media and the naysayers were all wrong. Democrats have taken a big step as Build Back Better is well on the way to President Biden’s desk.