The RNC Is Spending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Trying To Keep Trump Out Of Prison

The RNC is paying part of Trump’s legal bills for the criminal investigation that he and his business are under in Manhattan.

The New York Times reported:

The Republican National Committee is paying some personal legal bills for former president Donald Trump, spending party funds to pay a lawyer representing Trump in investigations into his financial practices in New York, a party spokeswoman said Monday.

In October, the RNC made two payments totaling $121,670 to the law firm of Ronald Fischetti, a veteran defense attorney whom Trump hired in April. According to a person with direct knowledge of the payments, the requests came earlier this summer but were only voted on by the party’s executive committee in recent weeks.

A political party should not be paying the personal legal bills of anyone, much less a failed former president who is not even a current officeholder.

The Republican Party has so convinced itself that they need Trump for 2024 that they are willing to spend donor money trying to keep him out of prison.

That is what the RNC spending is really about.

Donald Trump can’t run for president if he is criminally convicted of a felony, so the RNC is spending money that should go to candidates or building a get out the vote operation on trying to keep Donald Trump a free man.

When a Republican candidate loses a House or Senate race by less than a point in 2022, remember that the RNC did Democrats a huge favor by spending money on Trump’s legal bills instead of trying to win elections.