Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Democrats For Breaking His Promise And Running For Another Term

Trump’s most reliable “useful idiot” in the Senate, Sen. Ron Johnson, went on Fox and Friends this morning to talk about how much the nation needs him.

Video of Sen. Johnson on Fox and Friends:

In 2016, when running for the Senate, Johnson pledged that he would not seek the seat again in 2022. Of course, in 2016, he had no idea how much the country, and its “real leader,” Donald Trump, might require him. It sounds like he is running again. It sounds like the decision has already been made and it’s possible Johnson wasn’t the one who made it.

Asked about his plans, Johnson said:

“I’ll be making that decision in the next few weeks here. One thing that will definitely drive it though is just the results of Democratic governance. This is a disaster for our nation.”

Ainsley Earhardt must have seen an opportunity to assist one of the Senate’s most intellectually-challenged members and asked a question that helpfully contained the correct answer, perfectly bubble wrapped within:

“Do you feel like you have a responsibility now given everything that’s happened in Wisconsin and around our country?”

Amazingly, Earhardt didn’t immediately self-immolate in humiliation and Johnson answered:

“Quite honestly, if you’re in a position to try and help things, would you walk away? That’s certainly what’s on my mind. I don’t know that I can just simply walk away at this point in time.”

Yes, well – quite honestly, Ron Johnson actually is in a very unique position to “try and help some things” as defined in MAGA world. Everyone recalls that Johnson is one of the Senators that went to Moscow for July 4th weekend in 2018 (as would any sensible United States Senator) and from that point on has been part of a very special club that is especially “loyal” to Trump, almost uniquely loyal, “weirdly” loyal.

Of course, we cannot prove anything, but given Johnson’s unique relationship with Trump (total subservience) and highly suspect international priorities, it seems fair to ask oneself whether Ron Johnson is even free to make this decision even if he wanted to retire.

After all, if one was in a position to tell Johnson what to do (and Trump seems to enjoy that right) why would Trump’s cause allow a valuable asset to make up his own mind and walk away? Of course, we’re speculating. But Johnson has been the one most willing to push Trump’s lies and do Trump’s dirty work. It was Johnson who said that January 6th was “largely a peaceful protest.”

Given what we know about Trump’s control of the Republican party, there is almost no reason to believe that Ron Johnson is free to walk away from the Senate even if he already picked out his retirement house on the lake near Sheboygan and Earhardt just provided him the perfect answer when he is inevitably asked why he is so brazenly breaking his 2016 promise.

It all falls together so perfectly that it’s almost like they coordinate this stuff.