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Ron Johnson Claims His Russia Fueled COVID Misinformation Is Like Science

Sen. Ron Johnson tried to compare his Russia echoing COVID misinformation and lies to the scientific method.

Sen. Johnson tweeted:

Sen. Johnson, like most Republicans, no longer can grasp the concept of science. Opinions are not equal to science. Sen. Ron Johnson tried to compare his echoing COVID misinformation and lies to the scientific method are dangerous methods of misleading people into illness and death.

The scientific method is not about asking questions based on conspiracy theories. The scientific method is about asking questions and then using tests to prove or disprove a hypothesis. It is about critical thinking based on what is provable.

Conspiracy theories are the opposite of the scientific method.

Sen. Johnson knows this, and his efforts to legitimize conspiracy theories by equating them to science are deceptive, dangerous, and deadly to anyone who dares to believe his lies.

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