Rand Paul Who Gets Every COVID Scientific Fact Wrong Claims To Represent Science

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who has consistently gotten every COVID scientific fact wrong, blasted Fauci while claiming to represent science.

Dr. Fauci Is Calling Out Rand Paul And GOP COVID Liars

Republicans are outraged that Dr. Fauci called out their lies about the science of COVID, and that is what led to Sen. Paul tweeting:

Rand Paul Statement About Natural Immunity Is False

Sen.  Paul has been one of the biggest proponents of unlimited natural immunity even though science, the real science, not the anti-vaxxer propaganda that Paul is pushing, tells us that innate immunity after COVID infection lasts for about 90 days before it starts to decay. The CDC recently found that while natural immunity can last for up to 6 months, the vaccine provides more robust and consistent protection than natural immunity.

To put it another way, vaccines work better.

The unvaccinated are getting consistently reinfected with COVID much more often than the vaccinated because natural immunity does not last.

Rand Paul Is Trying To Blame Fauci To Save Trump

Paul has been targeting Fauci and trying to blame him for the pandemic for years. Fauci has become increasingly direct in rebutting Paul’s wrong and inaccurate statements to his face during congressional hearings.

At the heart of the blame, Fauci campaign by Paul and others is an attempt to find a scapegoat to exonerate Donald Trump. Paul is a golfing buddy of Trump’s, and Republicans sense that Trump might be dead in the water in 2024 unless they can find someone else to blame for the pandemic.