Eric Swalwell

A Frustrated Eric Swalwell Erupts On Those Who Won’t Get Vaccinated

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) spoke for the vast majority of Americans when he unloaded on those who refuse to get vaccinated.

Swalwell tweeted:

Rep. Swalwell was correct. The loud minority always gets all of the media’s attention.  He is also right about the unvaccinated created an environment for the virus to mutate and prosper. The unvaccinated are hosts that allow new variants of COVID to spread with ease.

The vast majority of parents and Americans are fed up with the unvaccinated. No, natural immunity is not the same as a vaccination.

The history of pandemics suggests that COVID has one of two likely endings. Either people get vaccinated and the number of human hosts and spreaders declines to the point where the virus is very manageable to non-existent, or people don’t get vaccinated, COVID continues to refine itself and eventually kills the unvaccinated.

It is the grim second possibility that America is trying to avoid.

Rep. Swalwell was correct, and the right can’t talk about the facts, so they have revived the debunked Fang Fang smear against him.

Eventually, America will either impose a vaccine mandate or allow the unvaccinated to die for their warped death cult definition of freedom, but most Americans are tired of trying to save those who don’t want to be saved.

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