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1/6 Committee Announces Multiple Weeks Of Public Hearings Into Trump’s Coup

Republicans have been worried and tried to do everything in their power to shut down the investigation, but it has been announced that the 1/6 Committee will hold multiple weeks of public hearings.


Vice Chair Liz Cheney said, “ We anticipate next year we will be conducting multiple weeks of public hearings setting out for the American people in vivid 

color exactly what happened, every minute of the day, on January 6th, here at the Capitol and at the White House and what led to that violent attack.”

Republicans have tried to obstruct and thwart the investigation. They have tried smear campaigns and non-compliance. They have raged in hearings, raged in press conferences, and raged on the House floor.

The one thing that they have not been able to do is to slow down the investigation. Republicans have been worried that when the truth comes out about 1/6, it will hurt them in the midterms.


One gets the sense that just like Jeffrey Clark, some of these Republicans will be pleading the Fifth if they are called to testify.

At the height of the midterm election campaign, the nation will finally get the details about how the 1/6 attack was planned, who was involved, and the story behind  Trump’s attempted coup.

The Republican attack on democracy will be exposed on national TV.


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