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Peter Doocy Pushes Another Fox Talking Point and Asks If People Just Don’t Want To Work For VP Harris

Peter Doocy has an opportunity that nearly every journalist on earth craves. He gets to sit in front in the White House press room and ask the administration’s press secretary questions pertaining to those issues that most impact the nation and what the administration might do about those issues.

Any reporter with any assignment, anywhere, who asks a question to which he or she knows the answer that is coming wastes the privilege to ask the question, but none more so than in those asked of the White House press secretary.

As everyone knows by this point, Doocy and Psaki spar regularly, at times, daily. And Doocy has asked some ridiculous questions. Today, Peter asked; “Is President Biden a complete jackass who sits in his bedroom half the time watching Gilligan’s Island?”

We kid. This site does not normally kid around, but at times there is no way to take Peter Doocy seriously. He asked a question almost as ridiculous as that above, loosely using the premise that Vice President Harris’s Deputy Press Secretary Symone Sanders is stepping down to ask if it was indicative of major issues in the Vice President’s office. In other words, he knew the answer coming. Here is the question:

“Aides have announced either that they are leaving the vice president or will be leaving soon. Is the vice president not satisfied with the staffing that she has had so far? Or do people just not want to work for her anymore?”

Doocy knows that Jen Psaki will not pick between the two “only possibilities” that Doocy has decided to give her, and thus his question serves as its own answer when the question is repeated later by Fox News. They will interpret Psaki’s answer as obfuscating. There have been reports of friction in the Vice President’s office, but that certainly doesn’t mean Doocy is going to learn anything from Psaki with his question. Psaki answered:

“Working in the first year of a White House is exciting and rewarding, but it’s also grueling and exhausting. There has been an announcement about Symone Sanders departing, but hasn’t been official announcements about others. I would leave it to them and the Vice President’s team to make any additional announcements.

“It’s natural” for staffers to want to move on to a new challenge. It also an opportunity as in any White House to bring in new faces, new voices, and new perspectives and I expect you will hear more from the Vice President’s office in due time.”

Was Doocy alive while Trump was in the White House? Was Fox concerned about the revolving door? Asking about the Vice President? Did Fox know how to even spell “Mike Pence” back then? Or is this an attempt to “create” an issue?

Doocy followed up, as he always does:

“So this is not a case of bad headlines about the vice president and a decision being made to shake up the staff to fix an image issue?”

To which Jen should have answered: “Peter, Yes, President Biden spends a great deal of time watching Gilligan’s Island,” but Jen did not. Instead, she answered like a White House press secretary giving Doocy an answer that he knew was coming:

“I’ll speak to Symone since I knew her before, and she has announced, and I knew her before she joined the Biden campaign sitting on many panels with her on CNN sets and knowing someone like her, she joined the campaign early on as many of you know, been a part of this for 2 1/2 or three years.

“Anybody who spends time with her knows she is whip-smart and she has charisma coming out of her eyeballs and will do plenty of interesting things in the world in the future. She will always be a part of this Biden/Harris family and only natural after a couple of years to be ready for something new.”

Just another volley between Doocy and Psaki. Too bad she never got around to denying that President Biden is a jackass because it wasn’t asked… today.




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