Trump Now Has A Big Criminal Problem In Georgia Thanks To Jeffrey Clark

Jeffrey Clark’s Fifth Amendment assertion should be a giant red flag for prosecutors in Georgia investigating Trump for election interference.

Before the 1/6 Committee can proceed with sending their criminal referral to the House floor, Jeffrey Clark announced that he is going to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer questions on the grounds of self-incrimination.

This development should come as big news for prosecutors in Georgia who are convening a special grand jury to criminally investigate Trump for breaking the state’s laws against election interference.

The criminal investigation of Trump and his business in Manhattan gets the bulk of the attention, but the investigation in Georgia is quietly ramping up, and there is nothing stopping the 1/6 Committee from sharing evidence that they find during their investigation with Fulton County prosecutors.

Jeffrey Clark’s Fifth Amendment assertion might seem like a way for Clark to delay criminal charges and slow down the investigation, but it is also telling criminal prosecutors to dig deeper because something illegal happened after the election.

The information will be obtained one way or another. Jeffrey Clark confirmed where to look and that something had happened.

While many are focused on investigations in D.C. and New York, just like in 2020, Georgia could be a thorn in Trump’s side.