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Oakland County Prosecutor Says Law Enforcement Doesn’t Know Where The Crumbleys Are

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The manhunt is continuing as Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald says that law enforcement doesn’t know where the Crumbleys are.


McDonald told Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “As of this moment, we do not. The attorney for the defendants has — is in contact with the sheriff’s office and they have 

been told that they intend to turn themselves in. However, we announced charges at noon today. It is now almost six hours later and they have yet to show up. “

The Crumbleys claim that they aren’t fleeing, but law enforcement does not know where they are. The parents of the school shooter left town. They are not in contact with law enforcement. They missed their arraignment hearing. Police are saying that once they are apprehended, they will be going to jail.


The parents have no chance of bond because they have proven by their previous that they can and will flee.

If a defendant misses an arraignment hearing, and law enforcement can’t find them, they have fled.

The Crumbleys will be found, and they will be behind bars.

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