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Corporate Media Loses It Because Biden Can’t Eat With A Mask On

Corporate reporters were attempting to criticize President Biden for taking off his mask to eat.

This is an example of the media nonsense President Biden has to deal with:

The drama. President Biden took off his mask while he ate. The President Of The United States is unable to eat food with a mask covering his mouth, just like every other human being that takes food through their mouth.

The tweet above is an example of how White House reporters search for anything that they can find to criticize the president over.

It is the duty of the media to hold people in power accountable, but a little common sense would be helpful.

Donald Trump refused to wear a mask ever. Trump was afraid that wearing a mask made him look weak. Where were the reporters following him around and peeking in windows to check his mask status?

The corporate media has set its narrative, and Democrats can’t trust them to tell the really big stories accurately because they are too busy creating drama over Biden not being able to eat through a mask.

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