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Marjorie Taylor Greene Humiliates Herself By Comparing Cancer To COVID

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took her COVID misinformation to a new place and faceplanted when she tried to compare coronavirus and cancer.

Greene tweeted:

The big problem with Greene’s comparison is that cancer is not contagious. A cancer patient can’t give other people cancer.

Rep. Greene was trying to make the point that we should just learn to live with hundreds of thousands of Americans dying from COVID each year because they refuse to get vaccinated.


There is no vaccine for cancer. So many Americans die each year because there is no cure for cancer. Many of us would have friends and loved ones still alive if there were a vaccine for cancer.


Greene’s comparison was not only COVID misinformation. It was also an insult to those who have lost people they love to cancer or COVID.

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t want to admit it, but Americans don’t have to live with COVID. They can protect themselves and save lives by getting vaccinated.


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