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Biden DOJ Sues Texas For Voting Map That Discriminates Against Blacks And Latinos

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The Justice Department has sued Texas for a second time in a month over a new election map that discriminates against Latinos and other minorities.

Via: The Wall Street Journal:

“Texas’ new redistricting plans will dilute the increased minority voting strength that should have developed from these significant demographic shifts,” Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta said in announcing the lawsuit. “These redistricting plans will diminish the opportunities for Latino and Black voters in Texas to elect their preferred representatives, and that is prohibited by federal law.”


While the DOJ needs to do more about 1/6 and Trump incited domestic terrorism, one area where they have been very strong under Merrick Garland is voting rights.

The reality is that the DOJ needs more legal tools in their toolbox, and Congress can provide them by passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. AG Garland has a big job in rebuilding a Department of Justice that was hollowed out, politicized, and left in ruins by Donald Trump, but actions like the lawsuit against Texas are an example of how the DOJ is working to protect rights, even if they aren’t moving as quickly as some think they should on other issues.

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