As Donald Trump Jr. Talks About America First, Fox News Shows A Pic Of Trump And Putin

It seems that even the friendly media at Fox News can’t hide the fact that Trump’s America First is really about Putin.


Donald Trump Jr. told Jeanine Pirro, “You can see America First. You can see America First in this book.”  While he was talking about how the book that he is pushing is pro-America, someone at Fox decided to put up a picture of Trump shaking hands with Putin with a quote below it from Trump about how great his relationship is with Putin.

Even when the friendlies at Fox News try to whitewash and push Trump’s nativist-sounding language, a little bit of truth still manages to sneak out.

The Trumps are still out there trying to push the same schtick that they used six years.  The Trump family has nothing new to say or offer. They are the QVC of American politics. They keep selling all of the time, but unfortunately for them, Fox News accidentally showed their product is bogus.