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Chris Wallace Quits Fox News On The Air And Bolts For CNN

Chris Wallace dropped a surprise on Sunday as he announced on his show that he is immediately leaving Fox News.


The New York Times reported that Wallace is leaving Fox for CNN’s new streaming service and that the television industry was caught off guard by his departure, “His exit from Fox News came as a surprise to the television news industry and will deprive the network of a prominent figure who has been the face of its influential Sunday program Fox News Sunday, and the first anchor at the network to receive an Emmy Award nomination for his work.”


Obviously, Fox News didn’t prepare any big goodbyes or tributes to Wallace. After 18 years, Wallace just announced that he was leaving and was gone. In contrast, when MSNBC’s Brian Williams left this week, he had a month-long farewell, and viewers knew in advance that he was going.


Chris Wallace is one of the Fox News anchors who objected to Tucker Carlson and the increasingly white supremacist/ domestic terrorist/right-wing extremist tone of Fox’s programming.

Fox News has lost one of their few remaining credible voices, as Wallace’s departure signals the network’s accelerating slide into right-wing extremism.


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