Herschel Walker’s Son Cuts Video Complaining About Gas Prices In A $1,200 Givenchy Hoodie

Christian Walker cut a video blaming Biden for gas prices while wearing a Givenchy hoodie that cost more than $1,200.


The Walker campaign has several problems.

Herschel Walker appears to have no idea what he is talking about, and his platform consists of telling Georgia to “elect the right people:”

Walker has allegations of domestic violence and terroristic threats in his past, but just like many rich celebrity Republicans who try to jump into politics at the highest levels, the Walker family appears to be completely out of touch with regular people.

Herschel Walker has spent all of his adult life as a famous person.

Wearing a $1,200 hoodie while complaining about gas prices is a rookie mistake that will be torn apart by his opponents.

Herschel Walker has not given the people of Georgia a single good reason to vote for him. He has no policy ideas. He spouts Trump talking points about “border security, freedom, and ending mandates,” but there are never any specifics about how he will carry out his plans if he is elected to the US Senate.

Walker is attempting to cash in on voter rage over high prices, but having your son in a video wearing a hoodie that costs more than many people earn in a couple of weeks is not the way to do it.