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Busted Sean Hannity Tantrums After Liz Cheney Outs Him As A 1/6 Hypocrite

Sean Hannity threw a tantrum and accused Liz Cheney of trying to smear him after she released his text to Mark Meadows.


Hannity said:

Last night in a weak attempt to smear yours truly, and presumably, I guess President Trump, Congresswoman Cheney presented one of my text messages from January 6th to Mark Meadows. Surprise, surprise, surprise, I said to Mark Meadows the exact same thing I was saying live on 

the radio at the time and on TV that night. On January sixth and well beyond January 6th. By the way, where is the outrage in the media over my private text messages being released again publicly? Do we believe in privacy anymore in this country? Apparently not.

Hannity then claimed that he is an honest and straightforward person and then cited “sources” (Donald Trump) who claimed that Liz Cheney and her family “begged and begged and begged” Trump to pardon Scooter Libby.

He also accused Liz Cheney of trying to purge Trump out of the Republican Party.

Who does Hannity think he is fooling that the claim that the Cheneys begged for a pardon is Trump’s exact verbiage.


Sean Hannity responded to being busted as a 1/6 hypocrite by lying, trying to gin up false outrage, and then launching his own smear campaign against Rep. Cheney.

Fox News doesn’t care about convincing the rest of the country. They only need to keep those few million daily viewers that give them a license to print money hooked.

Hannity is clearly mad that his text was released, and his hollow protests can’t hide his rage.



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