Lindsey Graham Implicates Ivanka Trump In 1/6 Coup

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that he did not call Mark Meadows on 1/6, but he did call Ivanka Trump.

Graham said:

Ivanka Trump Knew About The Attack On The Capitol

Lindsey Graham didn’t bother wasting time talking to Mark Meadows while the Capitol was under attack. The South Carolina Senator went straight to the former president’s favorite child to try to make a case for the inciter of the violence and possible coup ringleader to call it off.

Ivanka Trump might have thought that she was going to escape without getting any successionist coup stink on her, but she was wrong. The Trump name is now associated with attacking America.

Sen. Graham just did her the favor of dragging her name into the 1/6 attack. Ivanka Trump was present at her father’s rally, where he incited the crowd to attack the Capitol, but Graham’s comments reveal that she also knew about the violent aftermath of Trump’s rally.

The 1/6 attack on democracy now features Ivanka Trump being thrown into the mix, thanks to Sen. Lindsey Graham.