Ted Cruz Accuses Joe Biden Of Endangering Amy Klobuchar’s Life

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:43 pm

Days later, Ted Cruz is still fuming over Jake Tapper calling him out for going maskless at Bob Dole’s funeral, so the Texas Senator accused Joe Biden of endangering Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s life.

Cruz tweeted:

Cruz was still fuming about this line of questioning from Jake Tapper on CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: There’s something that happened Friday that I wanted to ask you about, if we can bring up the picture.

You were at the funeral for former Senator Bob Dole. And you were seated — there’s — there you are. You were seated next to Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who, as everybody can see, is not masked, despite rules at the National Cathedral requiring all guests to wear masks indoors.

Now, you’re a breast cancer survivor. You’re still recovering, I guess.

KLOBUCHAR: No, I’m 100 percent good now.

TAPPER: You’re 100 percent better, but you’re still at risk of infection because of — because of this fight that you won.

What was going through your mind there, where Ted Cruz pulls up next year and doesn’t have a mask on, even though the rules are, please wear a mask to protect you — you wear the masks to protect other people.

KLOBUCHAR: I think people should wear masks, especially when they’re in settings when they’re supposed to.

I think part of our duty as civic leaders is actually to model behavior, because it’s not just about masks. It’s also about vaccines. And Ted Cruz, he’s gotten a vaccine. He gets that.

Sen. Cruz has consistently ranted against mask mandates. Cruz even introduced a bill in the Senate to ban mask and vaccine mandates.

Instead of being responsible for his selfish behavior, Ted Cruz attempted to pass the buck and blame President Biden.

Biden has been a responsible role model for good pandemic mitigating behavior. It is laughable that Cruz would try to blame Biden for his own awful decisions, but it is clear that Republicans are rapidly entering the political realm where they blame President Biden for anything and everything.

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