Biden Delivers A Happier Holiday To Millions As Unemployment Claims Drop To Lowest Level Since 1969

President Biden – yes, the same President of the United States on the receiving end of more negative press in his first year of office than Trump got in his last year — the year in which Trump was impeached for a second time and tried to overthrow the United States government, but hey, Joe is trying to make things better for working people so it’s all even in the end – that President Biden is overseeing an economy that has unemployment over the last four weeks hitting its lowest level since 1969.

The President was not shy about his pleasure in the fact that things are looking better for the actual people in this country, rather than just focusing on the stock market and how the elites are faring in their rocket trips and such.

“Today, we received further evidence that our jobs recovery is one of the strongest ever. The average number of Americans filing for unemployment over the last four weeks is now at its lowest level since 1969,” the President wrote in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House press office.

“When I took office, over 18 million were receiving unemployment benefits, today only 2 million are. We’ve added nearly six million jobs this year – the most of any first year president in history. That’s good news for the millions of families who are back to work and will have a happier holiday season this year.”

The most of any first year president in history? WOW, this surely deserves worst press than traitorous Donald Trump. How dare Joe Biden try to help people and end a messy, never-ending war.

Wait, before you criticize me for championing the working people in this country over the elites, I too have rooted around for a both-siderism and have actually found a legitimate one! So, instead of pretending Joe Biden is more scandalous than Donald Tyrannical Trump, I will instead direct you to the absolutely unacceptable fact of members of both sides of Congress trading healthcare stocks related to the vaccines during this ongoing disaster. That, my readers, is truly despicable.

But when it comes to actual legislation, the Democrats have a record of trying – and doing at times, shockingly – to make things better for those people known as “ordinary Americans.” You will know if you are one of these people by the size of your help from the government during the pandemic. Was it under $500,000? If so, you my friend are an ordinary American.

So Biden took a victory lap for the actual legislation that Democrats have passed to help regular people, not the wealthy and corporations, “Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, and our successful vaccination program, Americans are back at work at a record-setting pace. And families have more money in their pockets: Americans on average have about $100 more in their pockets each month than they did last year, after accounting for inflation.”

See, this bit about Americans having an average of $100 more in their pockets each month now is a big clue. This is not a President who doesn’t know the price of milk. This is Scranton Joe, and while he is certainly an elite now as President and being a Senator for decades isn’t exactly ordinary, it is also true that he has never forgotten his roots.

Just last week, the President of Michigan’s American Federation of Teachers union wrote, “President Biden has once again shown himself to be the greatest friend organized labor has ever had in the White House.”

As Kellogg’s moves to destroy families from which they make their profits, by hiring permanent replacements to replace striking employees, President Biden made this statement directed at the cereal maker:

“Permanently replacing striking workers is an existential attack on the union and its members’ jobs and livelihoods,” he said. “I have long opposed permanent striker replacements and I strongly support legislation that would ban that practice.”

Thank you Mr. President. Elections matter.

Elections matter, indeed. So it is that we are judging an economy by how everyday Americans are faring, rather than how the stock market is lifting billionaires and corporations out of their top in the world status to top universal status.

Joe is, of course, just getting started if he has his way. He wants lower healthcare costs, lower drug costs and lower housing costs. “Even as we’ve built a historic jobs and economic recovery, addressing rising prices, supply chain challenges, and COVID-19 are my top priorities. We need to continue to take concrete actions to address elevated prices and to lower costs for American families – including by lowering prescription drug costs, health care costs, childcare costs, and housing costs with the Build Back Better plan. And, we need to do everything we can to get as many Americans vaccinated and boosted as possible.”

President Biden isn’t thought of as a progressive, but people really might want to take a closer look when it comes to pushing those priorities across the finish line. Or perhaps Joe is an old-fashioned liberal, the kind who stood for the working people and in policy, that translates to what our country has labeled as progressive. It is actually simply humanitarianism, but in a “far-right” identified country (with a silenced by gerrymandering majority disagreeing), we so worship capitalism that we cannot fathom policies that help people first as being morally correct.

And now dear reader we have come full circle, because Joe helping Ordinary Americans while getting worse press coverage than Donald Tyrant Trump during an insurrection and second impeachment reads as a very corporate-first agenda by our media.

Republicans have branded themselves as the party of non-elites, but their policies and votes do not corroborate. There is a party, imperfect as any political party, that is at least trying and it is headed by President Joe Biden.