Jim Jordan Is Getting Increasingly Desperate As 1/6 Investigation Closes In

Rep. Jordan (R-OH) is trying to create distractions and smear the messenger as he sounds increasingly nervous about the work of the 1/6 Committee.

Here is Jordan recently on Hannity:

Jordan was asked if he was ever given a reason why he was not allowed on the 1/6 Committee, and he answered, “No, the reason is what you said. It’s partisan. After this story, here’s what the select Committee said. We are responsible for the error. That is a fancy way of saying we got caught lying. This is a pattern. Ten years ago, the IRS targeting conservatives. They lied to the FISA court. Two months ago, we caught them going after moms and dads at school board meetings because of their lust for power. They are afraid of President Trump running again and know he will win. Yesterday they tried to put a good man in prison and hold him in contempt.  

Jim Jordan is a distraction creator.

When Rep. Jordan is in trouble, he starts waving his arms around and making a lot of noise about unrelated matters.

Ever since his text message to Mark Meadows was made public, Jordan has gone into overdrive in trying to smear the 1/6 Committee.

Nothing in Jim Jordan’s answer addresses why he was texting Mark Meadows about strategies to overthrow the election and keep Trump in power.

Rep, Jordan has gone from not remembering if he talked to Trump on 1/6 to being implicated in the plot through his text messages.

The 1/6 Committee will be naming names of the House Republican co-conspirators in the coup. 

Jim Jordan will be one of those names, as it is looking likely that America will find out the depth of his involvement in Donald Trump’s coup.