Omicron Is Set To Wipe Out Red America Fox News Viewers

A perfect storm is brewing as the Omicron variant and the red areas of the country that watch Fox News are on a collision course.

Omicron And Fox News Are Deadly Combo

The New York Times reported:

In the U.S., partisanship is the biggest factor determining vaccination rates. If Democratic voters made up their own country, it would be one of the world’s most vaccinated, with more than 91 percent of adults having received at least one shot. Only about 60 percent of Republican adults have done so.


Vaccine skepticism stems in part from messages on social media and conservative outlets like Fox News, the Sinclair Broadcast Group and talk radio. Pundits on these platforms often stop short of telling people not to get vaccinated, even as they send a general negative message about the shots.

COVID Death Rates Aren’t Rising In Biden And Swing Counties

COVID deaths aren’t rising over the past two months in counties that voted for Joe Biden and swing counties, while red counties that heavily supported Donald Trump are being overrun with Delta variant cases. Omicron isn’t dominant in these counties yet, but the hospitals are already in crisis.

Even when conservative outlets, like Fox News, feature medical professionals delivering a pro-vaccination message, the network waters down and contradicts what the expert is saying. 

Should America Have Any Sympathy For The Unvaccinated?

For almost a year now, most of America has moved heaven and earth trying to persuade the unvaccinated to get their shots.

Patience has run out. More and more frequently, I hear some version of the refrain that nature should be allowed to take its course with the unvaccinated. There is nothing more that the vaccinated can do, and if the unvaccinated want to “own the libs” by dying, they can’t be stopped.

COVID doesn’t recognize partisanship, so when Fox News viewers don’t get vaccinated, they put everyone at risk.

The Omicron variant could be a Fox News plague.

The winter of 2022 won’t be dark winter, but a wipeout of the right fueled by the deadly cocktail of Fox News misinformation and the Omicron variant.


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