Here Is Why Rep. Scott Perry Is A Major Target Of The 1/6 Investigation

Washington Post¬†reporter Jacqueline Alemany told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that GOP Rep. Scott Perry is now one of the central figures of the Select Committee’s investigation.

Anyone who has followed the developments of both the media’s investigation and now the Select Committee’s work could easily recognize that the average congressman or woman, the average senator, they all knew far more about the organization that existed that day than was ever allowed to make it to the public. The Committee seems to have known “who” to be investigating all along and is now singularly focused upon getting the right evidence.

Nancy Pelosi did not put Liz Cheney on the committee by accident. Cheney, we remember, is the one who was widely reported to scream at Jordan as the House was breached, “You fcking did this!” The “you” implies direct knowledge, limited either to Jordan himself or a small group. Either way, it’s apparent that Cheney had some prior knowledge that some plan existed.

The Committee has now released information that makes clear that Rep. Scott Perry is a member of that group and perhaps part of that plan. Alemany told the morning crew that Cheney read one of Perry’s texts at last week’s Meadows’ contempt hearing:

“My colleague Tom Hamburger and I confirmed that Scott Perry was, in fact, the lawmaker who did send that text to Mark Meadows that Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) read aloud last week to direct [Mark] Meadows to please check your Signal [encrypted app] and that immediately, I think, piqued the interest of the investigators,”¬†

“Look, this letter is a significant step forward for the committee and for the reporters that have been covering the committee since its inception in July or earlier this summer. It’s always been a question of how the panel is going to handle getting sitting lawmakers to cooperate with them, as we knew from the very beginning that people like [House minority leader] Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), [Rep.] Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Scott Perry were in touch with the president and his inner circle about the effort to overturn the result of the 2020 election.”

The Committee also wants to speak to Perry about his role in the attempt to install Trump loyalist Jeffery Clark as “Acting-Attorney General,” by firing “Acting Attorney-General Jeff Rosen.” It has been widely reported that Acting A.G. Rosen refused to sign a letter stating that the DOJ had found significant fraud. Alemany noted that Perry was directly involved in the effort to install Clark, which may expose Perry to more criminal liability than even a role in the riot on January 6th.

“… They had already gotten evidence that [Rep. Bennie] Thompson echoed yesterday that [Perry] was directly pressuring [Department of Justice] officials to investigate these various fringe conspiracy theories. He also acknowledged in those interviews with the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was the person who introduced Mark Meadows to Jeffery Clark, who has also become a central player. So there are so many different pieces that are kind of falling together here,

Whatever the focus, it is now very apparent that Rep. Scott Perry is squarely in the middle of the Select Committee’s investigation and that the Committee already has significant evidence that concerns him as it seeks his testimony. Whether Perry cooperates and the extent of that cooperation remains to be seen and is one of the biggest questions hanging over the Committee.

To the extent Perry resists cooperation, he has one overriding concern to consider, the Committee already has significant evidence on him, that he – too, was one of the ones that Cheney could have pointed to and said, “You F’ing did this!”