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Peter Doocy Question To Jen Psaki Draws Laughter At White House Briefing

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:44 pm

Peter Doocy’s question comparing the yet-to-be-launched Biden COVID testing website to the original ACA website launch drew laughter at the White House briefing.


Doocy asked, “As we understand it, there’s going to be a website that people can go to starting next week. There are a lot of Obama alum that work here. Is anybody that was — is anybody that was involved in the creation of going to be involved in the creation of this new website?”

The question drew some audible laughs from people in the room, and even Press Secretary Psaki appeared to be trying to hold back a smile as she answered, “I don’t know all the staffing particulars about the creation of the website. What I can tell you is that we’ve been planning for the website to be ready when tests start to be ready. And the website will ensure tests are available equitably and that they will be attained with ready access. That is what we are trying to do as we are designing, finalizing the design of the website. We’re obviously not going to put the website up until there are tests available. “

Doocy’s question drew laughter either for its absurdity or reporters were laughing about the original ACA website.

The Fox News reporter was trying to connect the Biden website to the original launch of the ACA website so badly that his attempt was plain for all to see.

The website isn’t even up yet, and already Peter Doocy and Fox News are fishing for a way to make it seem like a failure.

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