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Rachel Maddow Hammers Trump’s New Partnership With Chinese Scammers

Rachel Maddow discussed Trump’s new partnership of his media company that doesn’t exist with a Chinese shell company that scams investors.

Video of Rachel Maddow:

Maddow said:

Well, now, this Chinese firm, Shanghai, that appears to specialize in launching publicly traded companies that mislead regulators and investors and then get everybody involved in trouble, I’ll give you one guess as to what their new high profile investment is. Yes, it is Donald Trump’s latest business venture, the former president’s supposed media company. This is the lead today at The Washington Post. This is incredible. “Chinese firm helping former president Donald Trump take his new media company public has been the target of investigations by federal securities regulators who say the firm misrepresented shell companies with no products and few employees as ambitious growing enterprises.”

Huh. Misrepresenting your companies as wildly successful businesses in order to get people to fork over their cash to you. Whatever could have attracted this Chinese firm to the founder of Trump University. Game recognizes game, right? I guess. The thing to remember about the Trump media company that was just launched announced a couple of months ago with great fanfare, Donald Trump is going to launch a new social media platform, he’s going to have all this digital and streaming content, and it is going to be like Facebook, and Fox News and Netflix rolled into one. The thing to remember about this company, it appears to not exist.

Trump Is Merging His Fake Media Company With A Chinese Company That Specializes In Stock Scams

One does not have to be a financial expert to see where the deal between Trump and China is going. The goal isn’t to deliver a social media company. It is to raise as much money from investors as possible and give it to Donald Trump.

Trump’s media company is set up so that he doesn’t have to deliver a working social media platform. He has gotten people to invest in the idea that he might someday build a social media platform.

If the Trump media company becomes a publicly-traded company, then it will have to produce financial reports and have a legal responsibility to produce the work product that it is promising investors.

Trump tried to claim that Biden has deals with China all through the 2020 campaign as he runs back to China for more money less than a year after leaving the White House.

Trump’s new media company looks like a scam, as only a fool would give their money to Donald Trump.

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