1/6 Committee

Trump Gets Bad News As 1/6 Committee And Biden Make Deal On Documents

One of Trump’s arguments against turning over documents has been eliminated by a Biden administration and 1/6 Committee agreement.

The AP reported:

 The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol has agreed to defer its attempt to get hundreds of pages of records from the Trump administration, holding off at the request of the Biden White House.


The deferral is in response to concerns by the Biden White House that releasing all the Trump administration documents sought by the Committee could compromise national security and executive privilege.

The Biden/Committee agreement covers documents that aren’t related to the 1/6 attack.

Trump’s Argument That The Document Request Was Too Broad Just Got Smashed

Trump has been arguing in court that the 1/6 Committee’s document request was too broad and so the courts should block them from getting documents, but the agreement between the Biden administration and the Committee is a way of weeding out those unnecessary documents while protecting potential national security issues.


Trump can’t argue that the document request is too broad when the request has already been trimmed down by the removal of non-1/6 related materials.

The losses are piling up for Trump and his allies in court, while the Biden administration and 1/6 Committee are working together to turn his objections into dust.


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