Twitter Shows More Guts Than Kevin McCarthy In Taking Action On Marjorie Taylor Greene

By booting Marjorie Taylor Greene off of her personal account, Twitter did what Kevin McCarthy has been terrified to do.

Twitter permanently suspended Greene for repeated violations of their policy against spreading coronavirus misinformation on Sunday.

Rep. Greene responded by declaring Twitter an enemy of America.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has mocked Minority Leader McCarthy and even gone so far as to suggest that he does not have the votes to become Speaker if Republicans take back the House in the midterm election.

Twitter did more to discipline Greene and stop her spread of dangerous misinformation than Kevin McCarthy has done in an entire year.

Leader McCarthy has proven himself to be weak and incompetent. He could not keep his Republican caucus together on key votes throughout 2021.

Speaker Pelosi handles the slim Democratic majority with skill and expertise. There is no way that Democrats should have averaged one major piece of legislation a law a month with a majority of just a few seats, but Pelosi did it.

Twitter showed more backbone than Kevin McCarthy ever has, and the contrast between the two reveals that even if Republicans win back the House, Kevin McCarthy has positioned himself to be a failed Speaker of the House before he takes the gavel.