Biden Calls The House And Senate Staff That Trump Put In Danger To Thank Them For Their Courage

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:45 pm

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President Biden called House and Senate staffers to thank them for their courage as they defended the Capitol during Trump’s insurrection.

The Twitter account of President Biden tweeted:

Donald Trump didn’t care about the safety of these staffers on 1/6/21. The former president sat on his hands and gleefully watched the attack on television while people were fighting to defend democracy.

Republicans like Lindsey Graham are seething because President Biden called out Trump for the Capitol attack, but there are people working in the Capitol who stood up to defend democracy in the face of the Trump incited violence, and they deserve the appreciation of the nation.

Joe Biden knows all about how hard congressional staffers work. President Biden appreciates people. Donald Trump didn’t care about the lives he was jeopardizing on 1/6, but fast forward a year later, and those same people are being seen and acknowledged.

The people who Trump jeopardized are being thanked by Biden, and that is a change that America desperately needed in the Oval Office.

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